Photo Essay: Canada’s BC Landscapes

It’s nearly 14 years since I went to Vancouver in Canada (wow, I feel old saying that), but I can still remember so much about being there – my first trip on a plane; the time we went whitewater rafting; the mountains we casually drove and walked and caught a ski lift up in the middle of the August heat, only to find snow on the peaks and an amazing frozen yogurt stand (another first). But the longer it becomes since I’ve been there, the harder it is to recollect things clearly, which is why I’m so glad I still have the photos to look back on.

Thankfully we have stacks of the things, carefully labelled by my mum, so I don’t have to sit and wonder what on earth a particular lake or park was called. My job for posterity has been to try and transfer them to digital files and trying to keep those bold colours so damn saturated. I hope they give you a taste of British Columbia and its amazing scenery. Apologies for the quality – it’s a mixture of grainy photographs on photographs (needing excessive filters to take out the screen glare) and the fact that I was a snap-happy ten-year-old when they were first taken…

British Columbia Manning Country Park

EC Manning Provincial Park – looking along the road

Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada

Harrison Hot Springs

Othello Tunnels. Canada

Walking towards the Othello Tunnels

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Capilano Suspension Bridge

British Columbia Mountains

On a ski lift, without skis…

EC Manning Provincial Park - hanging out in the car park

EC Manning Provincial Park – the view from the top

Manning Park, Canada

Another Manning view

Chipmunk in Manning Park

I remember spending a good half an hour trying to get a half-decent picture of a chipmunk at Manning, but I like the mountain backdrop in this one much better than the foreground

British Columbia Mountains with Leaking Light

Leaking light and the mountains of British Columbia

If you’ve read about BC and thought about going, but you’ve put it off for some reason – don’t. Just go. I spent three weeks there but it could easily have been longer. The people are friendly and they’re itching to show you the local landscapes, so let them.

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