Photo Essay: Florence in the Summer

Anyone with an interest in art history will obviously love Florence, but there’s so much more to it than the galleries you read about (although, let’s face it, the Uffizi is impressive – when I visited there was some kind of US military official being given a private tour and even he looked interested).

When I visited back in June 2007, it was bloody boiling, and I spent most of the time trying to track down a cool beer and some shade, but it was ultimately an incredible few days. Here are the highlights, in embarrassingly grainy 2007-style photo quality.

Rainbow peace flag in the streets of Florence

Loads of people hung ‘Pace’ (peace) flags from their windows.You couldn’t miss them.

Ponte Vecchio bridge view in Florence

The iconic Ponte Vecchio bridge is a must-see.

View of the Duomo in Florence with Crane

Check out the Duomo having renovations.

Statue of David in Florence

Say hi to David and tell him to put his boxers on.

Bridges in Florence, Tuscany

I doubt it has as many as Madison County, but there are a hell of a lot of bridges here.

View of Florence from the hills

Take touristy photos of yourself looking over the city: tick.

Cameo brooches with gold trim in Florence

Ogle the expensive jewellery in glass cabinets by the Ponte Vecchio.

Woman eating gelato in Florence

My mum shows how to rock a gelato as an accessory.

Clock on church tower in Tuscany

Try not to lose track of time in Florence…

Green and black statue of a man in Florence

Hands up if you’re a statue.

Florence hills around Fiesole in the summer

Catch a bus out of Florence and pop up to Fiesole for some fresh air.

Pigeon in Florence

Meet an inquisitive pigeon on the rooftops of the city.

Aside from what I snapped, the experiences you should tick off your to-do list in the city are:

  • Wandering around the street markets and smelling the leather. Mmm… (sorry, vegetarians)
  • Going into loads of random churches in the city centre and finding great art without following a guidebook
  • Buying some shoes in one of the great shoe shops
  • Nun spotting
  • Visiting the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum, where you can explore the work of the legendary Italian shoe designer, who studied anatomy

Florence is the kind of city you could definitely return to. There are so many museums and cool restaurants to visit, so you’ll always have more places to add to your agenda for next time. It’s also an easy flight from the UK and the people are really lovely, not minding when you embarrass yourself with broken Italian phrases. Ahem. Even if you don’t get to experience it in a heatwave, you’ll still think it’s hot.

3 responses to “Photo Essay: Florence in the Summer

    • It’s such an interesting place, Mary, and your family connection would make it an extra-special trip. Definitely try and get to Florence – you’ll love it!

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