Work With Me

Do you want to team up with a proactive travel blogger on a campaign? Do you need insight from someone who has seen both sides of the blogger/professional divide in the travel industry?

Some of the companies I have previously worked with include:

  • Tour organisations, such as Insider London
  • Global travel companies, such as Contiki and Expedia
  • Travel service providers, such as Red Funnel Ferries
  • Publishers, such as Bluffer’s Guides
Travelling Calavera Brands

Brands I’ve teamed up with in the past…

In addition to this, I have over two years’ experience working in-house for two leading British travel companies (lowcostholidays and easyJet Holidays) as an SEO and Senior Destination Marketer, so I fully understand the needs and goals of marketers, PRs and SEOs.  You can expect me to deliver professional results.

Why Choose Me?

  • I’m not only a blogger, I am a qualified journalist, with experience in feature writing for both online and print audiences (please see my bio for more information)
  • I understand what SEO means to your company, and why you have to stay within Google’s Webmaster guidelines
  • I go the extra mile – you may only need one post with a relevant link to achieve your goal, but I will make sure that post is a great piece of PR for your company, with appropriate images and great quotes you can use for further marketing; I may even produce a series of posts on the trip or product offered
  • I’m constantly working to improve my blogging skills through networking, research and attending relevant events and meet-up groups, so there will be no resting on my laurels
  • If you want to ask me for my opinion on a travel topic, or you wish to quote me for a press release or campaign, I do not necessarily seek to monetise this, but I am more than happy to help
Polly Vespa

Sadly, I don’t come with my own Vespa.

Let’s Talk

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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